May 23, 2011

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head

Lots of pictures this week! We've found more nests, went fishing some more and were rained on a LOT. I'm getting pretty sick of being damp, and all this rain is probably making building nests a bit difficult for my poor birds.

Northern Bobwhite Quail nest. This is the only bird I can imitate the call of.

Garter Snake hiding in the grass.

Wolf Spider with her eggs. When they catch she'll carry her babies on her back.

Fence lizard posing for me.

Whirligig Beetles! They spin round and round on top of the water.

Another fence lizard.

Female Indigo Bunting, not nearly as bright as her mate.

Small wasp on some moss.

American Bullfrog, they make a huge racket.

He stayed very still for pictures, thankfully I didn't fall off the rotten log I perched on.

Red-Headed Woodpecker looking for some tasty bugs.

Water snake that followed me down the steps to the levee.

Great Blue Heron having a snack on the levee.

Hairstreak Butterflies getting nutrients from some bird poo.

We have the May flowers, but the April showers haven't stopped yet.

Eastern Phoebe, the worlds plainest brown bird.

Summer Tanager, very bright and noticeable. Unlike the Phoebe.

More Summer Tanager.

Chipping Sparrow looking for a mate.

Dickcissel nest, they have very pretty eggs for such annoying birds.

This poor carrion beetle had half his wings eaten.

Baby Henslow's Sparrows, just as pink and awkward as all the other passerines.

I can't help but hear this fly saying "Yessss, yess, excellent".

Myself with a Common Yellowthroat, a type of warbler.

He looks a bit scared of the camera.

Levi giving the Yellowthroat bunny ears.

Nice profile picture.

Finally timed this picture just right.

Grey Catbirds are very loud and angry, but they're all talk.

He calmed down eventually.

This Yellow-Breasted Chat wouldn't be quiet unless his beak was filled.

His breast is VERY bright yellow.

Mr. Chat is a very unhappy bird.

Two American Goldfinches. Left is female, right is male.

We were pretty positive they were a pair.

They didn't seem to mind Levi posing them for pseudo-wedding photos.

Mr. Goldfinch obviously likes my hat.

He's staring at my hat in this picture too, promise.

These baby Meadowlarks are almost ready to leave the nest.

That doesn't make them cute yet though.

And finally, flowers being pollinated.

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