March 4, 2011

An Avalanche of Photos

I've been photographing wildlife for about 3 months now (I told you I was an amateur), so I have quite a few pictures to share. Hopefully the avalanche of photos here doesn't set the bar too high for future posts.
Ruby-crowned Kinglet at the local park

This kinglet was very interested in the camera sound.

Cottontail hiding in its burrow, I'm amazed I even saw it.

It apparently saw me, or heard me at least.

I'm no herpetologist so I've got no clue what this little guy is.

Roadrunner hiding in a tree on the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

Okay, so it's not a bird, but it was pretty.

Little frog chillin on some algae.

Water-strider using the magic of surface tension.

Yes, it really is this green in February in Texas.

Elongate Stilt Spider (According to my friend at least)

If you look closely you can see the little frog hiding in the stream.

By summer this nest will be huge and I won't have the guts to go near it.

European House Sparrow hanging on the neighbors roof.

This crow was definitely watching me. Never trust a bird that can use tools and has a taste for eyes.

Butterfly in family Pieridae (Sulphurs)

Kildeer flying over our local lake (Which is actually a glorified pond).

Flock of Bufflehead Ducks, which are the best named ducks ever.

Ring-billed gulls on the sandbar.

I think this is a meadowlark, but I could never get close enough to see their breast.

Lesser Scaup staring me down.

Neotropic (possibly double crested) Cormorant crying out.

One of the ever present Boat-tailed grackles taking a refreshing dip in the lake.

Pair of Green-winged Teals.

Another Pieridae drinking some yummy nectar.

Turkey Vulture circling the lake.

Ever been sent on a Snipe hunt? Well, This is a Snipe..

Cassin's Sparrow (maybe) on one of the tiny oak trees the city planted.

Okay, so it's not a real bird, but it looks like one!

This American Coot doesn't really like me.

Great Egret. I almost lost my shoes to the marsh trying to get closer.

I was trying to get a picture of the cool shiny blue fly when the wasp showed up and tried to kill my model.

Duck Butts!

This duck confused me for so long, but I'm thinking now it's a juvenile mallard that hasn't gotten its colors yet.

Adult mallard dabbling for food.

I've yet to guess what this guy is.

American Coot doesn't care for your silly rules or your silly dam!

Mockingbird in a early flowering Bradford Pear.

Bee-mimic taking advantage of flowers so early in the year.

I was taking a picture of the Hairstreak Butterfly on the right, but now I see the flower beetle on the left!

So that's the beginning of my attempts at photography. I apologize for any eye-bleeding, but feel free to offer criticisms. I'm still trying to figure out how to work this whole camera-thing, so as soon as I get that figured out I just have to get more birds to stay still and I'm all set!

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