March 29, 2011

More Spring Break Hiking

Before spring break ended I took one last trip out to the Greenbelt to help my friend collect plants.
One of the 3 Red-shouldered Hawks that live by the trail.

My first encounter with a Rock Squirrel, very cute and very skittish.

Fuzzy bunch of Daddy Longlegs

Tufted Titmouse (black crested variation) investigating my camera.
Same titmouse taking off.

One of the many Texas lizards.

Another lizard, much tinier.

Swallowtail butterfly laying eggs.

Assassin bug, their bites hurt horribly, like being stung by a bee.

This is going to be my last set of pictures from Texas for a while. On March 31st I'm moving out to Missouri so I can work my new job. I am now officially a Research Assistant for Emporia State University in Kansas. I'm going to be bird banding and point counting and lots of other fun stuff for one of the grad students. So for the summer most of my pictures are going to be from the midwest, and probably actual wilderness since the town I'm staying in is definitely not a suburb. Wish me luck!

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